Zoho Fresher Software developer

First of all congratulations for getting call letter.
You have got the call letter for Software developer position and very less time is left for your exam!
See, the toughest thing for fresher is to get an interview call letter from such a good product based company.

Interview Rounds:
Generally, there will be four rounds:
1. Aptitude round
2. Programming or technical Interview
3. Coding / Technical round
4. HR Round

Let us see each round in detail:

1. Aptitude Round :
It will be either Aptitude or C or mix of both questions. Prepare from Indiabix or M4maths. That will be sufficient.
2. Technical Round :
This is the round where you have to show your programming / technical skills. Just brush your programming skills.
Be specific, don’t try to fool them as they are also engineers like us and they have played all the tricks which we think about.

3. Coding / Technical round :
In this Coding / Technical round, there may be one or two coding rounds!
People have shared many experiences with us and the final conclusion is that if you can practice programming well for a week, you will crack it easily.
You don’t have a master in all the coding languages, just be good in anyone, either it is C or C++ or JAVA.
4. HR Round :
If you have cleared all the previous rounds, the chances are much higher that you will be selected.

Just you have to be Calm and perform well. Don’t panic at all.
They may ask some general HR questions, about your certifications, personal info, about projects and that’s all.

Best wishes Guys!