How to get referred in any MNC for a job on LinkedIn?

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the easiest ways to achieve our dream job.

Here are a few simple tips which will increase your chances of getting an interview call.

If you get to know about any opening in any organization, Go to LinkedIn and find people working in the organization and send requests to around 50-60 people.

After a few hours, you will see that many of them have accepted your request.

Start messaging all like I have found a such and such opening in your company, I need a job, please help me by referring me for that particular opening.

Then you will get a few replies and they will say like, “okay, send me your resume” etc.

Send your resume them.

Until you get mail that you have been referred for that position, keep adding more people and keep requesting for referring.

Thanks for reading 🙂


TechJobGuru Team.